Links That Matter for this Project...

Lehmann, V. (1997), "The Position of Europe's Biotechnology Industry on Bioethics." Biotechnology and Development Monitor, No. 32, p. 6­7.  [key quotation: "clear and predictable ethical boundaries are expected to become a strategic requirement for the biotechnology industry's further development..."]

Golden Rice in a Grenade-Proof Greenhouse (NY Times)

Should We Seek a Better Future? by Ernest Partridge, Ethics and the Environment, 3(1): 81-95 -- Summer, 1998

Concepts of Property and the Biotechnology Debate, Paul B. Thompson

The Concept Of Natural: Implications For Biotechnology Regulation, by Drew L. Kershen


Is it Unnatural to Genetically Engineer Plants?, by Gar Comstock

Agriculture & Biotechnology Strategies Inc. (AGBIOS)

What is ‘Natural’? - The debate

Ethical and Social Issues in Biotechnology (U-Sask College of Biotech)

Stakeholder Analysis in Biotechnology


Treaties, Policies & Other Documents

International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Convention on Biological Diversity

Hugo's Statement on Benefit Sharing

Biotech Industry's Statement of Ethical Principles (also PDF format)

New website:


Not Biotech, but Conceptually Related:

Ethics in Nanotechnology